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(1)Dober'Toons! 21 Arfs Site Award for Awesome site(2)The Dober'Toons! 21 Arfs Grrrrreat site Award

The smaller Awesome site 21 Arfs award!

(3)(Dobie sites only)
The "Little Arfin' Annie" Award with a 21 Arf Salute from Annie.(4)The 21 Arfs Twitter&Velcro Award

(The Twit.& Vel. Awd. is For really fun & funny sites) (p.s.~Awstun's comments not included on the actual award!)


The purpose of these awards is to recognize excellence. If you have a great page and think you are entitled to the award of your choice, please E-mail me. I will review your site and notify you by E-mail upon receipt of your request.Please, no Albino breeders need apply. In no way do I advocate the breeding of Albino Dobermans. Any site displaying our award which does, has carefully hidden this from us, or stolen the award.

Requirements for the Dober'Toons awards:
Please read carefully!

* We really like Doberman Pinschers but will consider other breeds(or mixed breed) sites.
* A Doberman site must include one or all four of the AKC approved colors,
(Black, Blue, Red, Fawn.) Absolutely no Albino websites. (We might possibly consider a Rescued (thus neutered) single pet Albino site, not belonging to or associated with, a breeder of these dogs.)
* Site must be finished, load in a reasonable amount of time and be easy to navigate. Links must be active and functioning!
* NO porn, X, or profanity please.
* Link back to us is mandatory
* Cartoons are a plus.
* Rescue sites a definite major plus!
* Signing our guest book is a plus too!(Please,leave no banners advertising a business,they will be removed. Only private pet or dog sites banners permitted, please, no Albino sites.)

* E-mail us with a paragraph or two and include the following information:
Why you would like to win the award,
Why you feel your site deserves the award, and which one you prefer!
Mandatory! ~Your Site URL & your e-mail must be included, and of course a link back to us is a must too!

E-mail your request to:

*It may take a week to process your application; & due to time demands we only contact winners.

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Our new awards, as of 11/8/10, by Austin's Animations and Auntie Dobe R. Mann
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